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Stories First Readers
The Stories First Foundation believes every students deserves access to compelling, comprehensible books. All Stories First Readers can be freely printed and shared for non-commercial use. Our graded readers are designed with language learners in mind, and heavily illustrated with donated and public domain illustrations.
The Great Story Reading Project

The Great Story Reading Project is a collection of story suggestions and simplified texts designed specifically for Story Listening. Teachers who are new to Story Listening can find stories to get started with Story Listening. 

Professional Learning

At the heart of our mission is connecting teachers and leading educators and scholars in our field. We are committed to offering professional development that promotes the use of stories and pleasure reading for language acquisition. Contact us to create trainings or materials for teachers in your community interested in stories and pleasure reading.

Project Refugees Welcome

Volunteers working with refugees or in vulnerable communities often struggle to find the time and resources for research-backed approaches. Educators working on a volunteer basis or teaching under-served populations or refugees are invited to apply for free online training in the Story Listening approach. Training is geared toward beginning teachers and available in multiple European languages.

Our Partners

The Stories First Foundation partners with the Rocky Mountain Welcome Center to provide training and support for volunteer teachers serving Newcomers to the US, especially refugees. Learn more about how you can support their mission here.


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