Book 1 : The Brave Little Tailor

An ordinary tailor convinces others that he is capable of great feats. 

LENGTH: 2,603 words, 22 pages
READABILITY: Flesch-Kincaid- grade 5.4; Gunning-Fog- 5.1 |  
(0-2000) Highest Frequency Words: 94.7%

Book 2: The Cat the Mouse in Partnership

A hungry cat lies to his new housemate, a trusting mouse.

LENGTH: 719 words, 6 pages
READABILITY: Flesch-Kincaid- grade 4.5; Gunning-Fog- 5.9 |  
(0-2000) Highest Frequency Words: 96.9%

Reader View:   The Brave Little TailorThe Cat and the Mouse in Partnership 

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